How to Reduce Toner Usage

hand changing ink jet on a color copier

Toner Save Mode

Most copiers have a function you can enable that is called “Toner Save Mode”. This mode will tell your machine to use less toner per page.  Sometimes this can result in lighter pages being copied or printed.  Usually this is very unnoticeable and depending on the needs of your company is a minor issue!  If you are unsure whether your machine has this function and would like to find out, give us a call and we would be happy to help!

Understanding What “Low Toner” Messages Really Mean

When the low toner warning comes up on a machine, the first thought is to switch out the cartridge.  It is important to understand that the cartridge is not out of toner.  This is just a message saying that the machine is running low.  It still may have up to 25% of it’s toner!  It is always important to have an extra set of toners on hand, but it is equally as important to use the remaining toner until it runs out.

Printing in Black and White instead of Color

To save on ink or toner, a good habit is to print in black and white when possible. You can adjust the color settings under “Printer Settings” on your machine or in the “Print Preview” section before printing form your computer.  Printing in color can get expensive.  So, if color is not essential for the print job you are doing, you can save on costs by printing in black and white instead!

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