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Whether you are looking to purchase, lease or rent office equipment, AOM is here to help.  We carefully select our product lines to provide our customers with a wide array of options to choose from. Atlanta Office Machines only offers the best-in-class systems from industry leading manufacturers.  Our choices of products are supported by our specialized sales staff and factory trained service technicians. Our network support team provides customized solutions to streamline the document management workflow from input to output including delivery, storage and retrieval.

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We carry a wide range of products to offer our customers a wide range of solutions. Our product selection makes us confident that we can put together a document management workflow that will meet the needs of any customer no matter how complex.


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Printer & Copier Service

Need service on one of your machines?  AOM has highly trained and certified technicians ready to deliver you the service you deserve.

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Equipment Rentals

If your not interested in purchasing equipment or just need it for a short amount of time, we have you covered!

AOM offers short and long term rentals from one day to over a year.